World of 1907


100 years ago, huge crowds of spectators were amazed by every sort of fantastic flying airship. Aeronautical events were wildly popular. Very few people had ever seen anyone actually fly before.

These airshows were held every year and attracted aviators from all around the world. There were awards and cash prizes for the winners.


The Wright Brothers had developed their first Flyer in 1903. But to protect their patents, the Wright Flyer had been kept secret. The Wright Brothers made no flights at all during 1906 and 1907. It was only in 1908 that the Wright Flyer was finally flown in public.

Meanwhile, daring aeronauts invented imaginative flying contraptions of every sort.


During that uncertain period in aviation, flying was open to any and all new experiments. Amazing inventions flourished, such as the Ornithopter, multi-winged launched gliders, the Langley Aerodrome, steam powered gliders and dirigibles of all sorts.

electric-automobileIt’s interesting that most of the automobiles of 1907 were electric… so there’s nothing much ‘new’ about today’s electric cars! Automobiles were still a rarity though and most transportation was horse drawn, bicycles, walking and streetcars.

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