Every book begins with pencil sketches on paper. This is a scan of a finished pencil drawing with shadows added in photoshop. This rough indication of halftones helps to work out how the shadows should be painted in the next stage.


Here’s another scan of a finished pencil drawing. These separate drawings are assembled in layers in photoshop. Each drawing is on it’s own separate different layer, as shown by the different colors.


Here the line is transferred to watercolor paper and the painting begins. First a halftone wash of underpainting ties it all together. The next step is to paint in the full range of colors with transparent washes.


This animation shows the progression of the illustration in stages… from pencils to halftones to the final image. This shows how each new layer in photoshop is added in to create the image.

This was one of the more complicated images and required both digital type combined with real painting for the final image. There were about 30 layers required to achieve the final image.

This book was very much a ‘mixed media’ work… done with pencils, erasers, tracing paper, watercolor paper, 2 scanners, 2 printers, a powermac, photoshop, watercolors, acrylics, all kinds of brushes and several decades of experience.
You can see more of my artwork by visiting my online portfolio:

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