Cromwell’s Story


Photo of Cromwell Dixon from the Dick Stettler Photo Collection


Cromwell Dixon began dreaming about airships at a very young age.

Before he built his Sky-Cycle, Cromwell had invented other amazing things. He built his own mechanical fish that swam, a motorbike, a 4-person row boat and a backyard roller-coaster of his own

cromwell photo with momMrs. Dixon helped Cromwell with his projects, but Cromwell did most of the work himself.

As Cromwell’s aeronautical career progressed, Mrs. Dixon also took up flying. This photo is of Mrs. Dixon flying a larger motorized version airship. A very modern activity for a woman in that time!


Cromwell Dixon was known in the newspapers as ‘America’s Boy Aeronaut’. With imagination, ingenuity and the courage to stick to his dreams, Cromwell succeeded in flying his own airship… the Sky-Cycle.

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